Burvinder Singh, Redhill
13 Aug 2013

My bone problem gets worse when the weather is cold and when it’s raining. Physician Tay taught me how to keep myself warm. With the help of acupuncture, my bones became stronger and I can stand for longer hours at work now.


Chew C.M, Aljunied
13 Aug 2013

I am diabetic and my eyesight is getting worse. I cannot see so clearly sometimes. However after seeing DrTay, he gave me herbs to improve eyesight and massage for the eyes, I feel very different now. I can see so much clearer now and my eyes are not easily tired.


Mariah Elisa Yeo, Woodlands
13 Aug 2013

I injured my wrist when playing basketball few months ago. I went for x-ray but Doctor says there was no fracture. The pain always comes back when i carry heavy things. Finally I decided to see Physician Tay so he can help me to using Tui Na and gave me herbal remedies to strengthen my bones. After 1 month when I carry a packet of 1kg rice, I no longer feel the wrist strain.

几个月前,我打篮球,弄伤了手腕。我拍了X-ray,不过医生没有骨裂。不过我觉得很疼痛,只要提重物就很痛苦。我觉得去找郑医师,希望中医可以帮我。果然,郑医师用他高超的推拿技艺结合草药治疗,让我迅速恢复. 现在我又可以打篮球了... 

Kacey Wong, Bishan
13 Aug 2013

I tried slimming pills but they cannot help. I am getting married soon so I have no choice but to see a TCM. With acupuncture treatments, the effect is very fast and results are very obvious. I already lost 5kg in 3 weeks. 7 more weeks to my wedding day! Can’t wait to lose more pounds via DrTay’s acupuncture.


BH Lee, Bugis
13 Aug 2013

My daughter has asthma attack whenever she overexerts herself. She is allergic to biscuits and dust. The western inhaler helps but her body is very weak. I brought her to DrTay and he gave lots of advice and treated my daughter. Now my daughter has a stronger body and does not rely too much on the inhaler anymore .


Chua Ai Ling, PasirRis
13 Aug 2013

My body is too cooling. I kept having lots of discharge affecting my personal hygiene and love lifeI found DrTay through a friend and he gave me some herbs to keep my body warm. Now I am back to normal. I feel confident wearing skirts now my personal life is back to normal.


Ms Teo, Outram
13 Aug 2013

Everyday I have to inject insulin in my body. Its painful and my body has many unsightly marks. After seeing DrTay , he gave me acupuncture treatment for my pancreas and spleen, my diabetes is under control and I am cutting down on my injections. I am so happy now. My body is also in a better shape because there are less ugly marks now.


Peter Tay, Newton
13 Aug 2013

My son is allergic to eggs and peanuts. Whenever he eats them his rashes will get worse and become very itchy. Luckily DrTayhelp to alter my son's immune system. Now he can eat eggs regularly. Its’ no longer a torture for my son. My son loves cakes which has eggs. So i will continue to see Physician Tay so that my son need not avoid his favourite foods. With the regular treatment from DrTay, my son's body is immuned to eggs and no longer has any allergic reaction.


Susan Ee, Bukit Merah
13 Aug 2013

After I lost my job and cannot cope with the overbearing loans, I almost lost my mind and went into stroke. Thanks to DrTay, he treated me with TCM medicine and acupuncture.

My speech is almost back to normal and my facial muscles can co- ordinate more naturally. Previously in a stroke, some of my facial features can just “hang”.

I definitely will continue with my treatment with Physician Tay so I can quickly recover.

我的中风病,使我失去了工作,我对生活也失去了信心。多亏了郑医师,他的针灸治疗结合服用中草药,真的很有效。我现在说话也正常了,面部表情也正常了。 现在,我一定会坚持接受郑医师的巩固性治疗 。

Low Cheng Huat, Kembangan
13 Aug 2013

I faced marital problems due to erectile dysfunction…. However, after taking herbs to strengthen my blood supply and therapy, I feel so much more energetic and at ease.

My marriage is improving and I am happier now.